Halftime Sports Refund Policy

If you have to cancel, for any reason, we will issue you a camp voucher worth all camp fees paid less the $50 registration fee. This voucher is good for any Halftime Sports Basketball Camps or event (summer camps, fall or winter league, etc.) which occurs before the end of the calendar year of the event. Your camp voucher is only transferable to an immediate family member.

We rent our facilities, we purchase our rentals based on enrollment. If you cancel too close to the start of camp/league, we cannot provide a refund regardless and can only offer you the opportunity to use all your monies (less the registration fee) for next year’s camps/league or forthcoming Halftime Sports camps and/or events. Make sure you understand; you will not receive cash back if you cancel to close to your program start date or after the start date.

Special Situations;

If a camper can provide a doctor’s note stating that the camper cannot participate in camp/league for medical reasons and has notified Halftime Sports;

  • If camper was part of a group discount, and having camper out of camp drops group below allocated discount numbers, then other group members must pay original camp fee prior to camp start date
  • Camp/league fee is applied to another Halftime Sports program or activity
  • 1st Day of Camp – No Refund
  • 1st Day of Evaluations (Winter League) – No Refund – Fee is applied to another Halftime Sports program or activity