Travel Basketball Team

2023 Rosters

The 2023 Halftime Sports Travel Basketball travel teams are devoted to developing the skills of individual players with the collective goal of team success.

All practices are local and teams will participate in each Halftime Sports Tournament.

Date/Time: TBA

Travel Team Registration Link

Players must attend each tryout.

Tournament Schedule for our Travel Teams

(*) Some teams may play in the U.S. Basketball Games Super Regional slated April 15-16, 2023 in Memphis, TN




Rosters: Parents will be notified via email in regards to team selections.


Program Emphasis/Expectations:

The Travel Basketball travel teams are devoted to developing the skills of individual players with the collective goal of team success. Though success cannot always be measured by wins and losses, it is expected that the coaches and players will try to be competitive in all tournaments and games. Though competing is one aspect of the program, Halftime Sports expects that all players, coaches, and Halftime Sports parents, fans, neighbors demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship always. It is our belief that a competitive program can be a positive experience for young people, especially when combined with a proper perspective that promotes character building and development.

Tournament Schedule:

(*) Games are at
Centennial High School, Chattahoochee High School, Creekview High School, Denmark High School, Etowah High School, Mill Springs Academy, Marietta Salvation Army, Oglethorpe University, Redline Athletics (Forsyth), Roswell High School, Suwanee Sports Academy, LakePoint Sports Complex, etc.
Note: Location depends on the tournament

Team Practice:
Team practice includes two (2) 90-minute practices a week.

Playing Time:
While Halftime Sports coaches strive to give all players adequate playing time, playing time is not guaranteed in the Travel Basketball travel program. The amount of playing time is determined by the coaching staff and is based on attendance at practice, overall performance, attitude, and the ability to comply with team rules and regulations. It is our belief that all members of the roster are equally important and play a vital role in the team’s success. Players should expect to be treated equally, but this does not guarantee that playing time is equal.

Refund Policy:
No refunds are granted in the event a player discontinues participation during the season. If a player becomes injured, quits, or is removed from the team for inability to comply with team rules, or otherwise chooses to end participation, he/she will not be entitled to any refund. Monies for registration go towards purchasing uniforms, shirts, tournaments, coaches’ stipends, tournament awards, and more, thus NO REFUNDS.  Registration can go towards another program within our Halftime Sports umbrella and properties.

Community Service Project:
As part of the Halftime Sports Travel Basketball Program, our players are encouraged to participate in a community service project. 2023 Community Service Project information Coming Soon!


Competition in Boys Travel Basketball shall be in the following:

10 & Under Division
An athlete can be no older than 10 on August 31, 2023.

11 & Under Division
An athlete can be no older than 11 on August 31, 2023.

12 & Under Division
An athlete can be no older than 12 on August 31, 2023.

13 & Under Division
An athlete can be no older than 13 on August 31, 2023.

14 & Under Division
An athlete can be no older than 14 on August 31, 2023.

15U/9th Grade Division
An athlete can be no older than 15 on August 31, 2023. Grade Policy: An athlete who is in the 9th grade as of October 1, 2021 and who is no older than 16 on August 31, 2022 is eligible to play in the 15U/9th grade division.

16U/10th Grade Division
An athlete can be no older than 16 on August 31, 2023. Grade Policy: An athlete who is in the 10th grade as of October 1, 2021 and who is no older than 17 on August 31, 2022 is eligible to play in the 16U/10th grade division.

17U/11th Grade Division
An athlete can be no older than 17 on August 31, 2023. Grade Policy: An athlete who is in the 11th grade as of October 1, 2021 and who is no older than 18 on August 31, 2022 is eligible to play in the 17U/11th grade division.


Because joining the Halftime Sports Travel Basketball program is a large financial and time commitment, it is important to have all your questions answered prior to registering for tryouts. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices at [email protected] with any questions.

Q: Which team is my son/daughter trying out for?
A: Travel Basketball teams are based on grade level and age. Some players may be asked to play up a grade based on skill.

Q: What if my child cannot attend all tryout sessions?
A: Notification to the Office needs to be made immediately if a player cannot attend a tryout session and would still like to be considered for a team. The office will work with the parent to determine if the player should attend another tryout session.

Q: How many tryouts are there?
A: Tryouts consist of two 60-minute tryout sessions. Players are expected to attend both tryouts.

Q: Where are tryouts held?
A: Mill Springs Academy

Q: When are tryouts?
A: See the above information

Q: Fees for tryouts?
A: Tryouts cost $10

Q: How do you evaluate players to ensure each player gets a fair tryout?
A: Players are put through basic basketball drills to evaluate his/her work ethic, hustle, attitude, shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defensive skills. Hard work, hustle, and a good attitude are contributing factors in team selection. Even if a player has a difficult session and his/her shooting or game is “off” that session, other factors are still considered. All players are put through the same drills to ensure that the tryout process is fair.

Q: What experience should a player have before trying out for Halftime Sports Travel Basketball team?
A: Players can have wide variety of basketball experience. It is important to remember because we are drawing from multiple communities (Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming), Travel teams are more competitive than most recreational or middle school teams.

Q: My child plays another sport (baseball, soccer, etc.) – would he/she be able to play Travel Basketball, too?
A: Yes, your child can still play Travel Basketball. Halftime Sports Travel teams have practice during the week. Games and tournaments are typically on weekends (some tournaments start on Friday evenings).

Q: How is Travel Basketball different from other programs or leagues?
A: The Travel Basketball program is much more competitive than recreational or local select leagues because it involves athletes from different communities playing on the same team, resulting in a better talent pool. Recreational leagues, on the other hand, consist of teams from one town or school, which means a smaller pool and less competition for team selection. The Travel Basketball program is also a bigger time commitment with practices during the week and games and tournaments on the weekends. It is also important to keep in mind that players who are unable to attend practice will also miss out on understanding what was covered in practice (for example, learning a play). Therefore, missed practices may have a significant impact on playing time.

Q: Is playing time guaranteed if my child makes a team?
A: Unlike some programs, TRAVEL BASKETBALL DOES NOT GUARANTEE playing time for any player. Coaches must weigh many factors to determine which players will start and who will be subbed in at every game. Coaches generally do not keep track of individual player’s playing time. If at any time you are concerned about your child’s playing time, please discuss this with the coach away from the event, never immediately after the game. Please keep in mind the broader goals of the program before taking issue with any player’s playing time.

Q: Who selects the players that make a team?
A: Halftime Sports coaching staff selects players based on a scoring system and observation.

Q: My child was not selected to a team, but I believe my child is a better player than players who did make the team. What can I do?
A: Deciding who makes each team is not an exact science. Halftime Sports staff will do their best to identify the top players. It is important to remember that all teams need different kinds of players to be successful. If you feel strongly that your child should have been selected to a team, contact Coach Allen Edwards at [email protected] or Coach Kim Coleman @ [email protected].

Q: My son or daughter is very upset over not making a team; what should I say to him or her?
A: We understand that not getting selected to a team is a heartbreaking experience for any child. It is important that you explain to your child that giving his/her best effort is most important. You can share that many good players have not been selected to a team at one time or another. Players should evaluate the areas in which they need improvement and work to improve their overall skills.

Q: My child has made the team, now what?
A: You will receive an email from Halftime Sports welcoming you to the team and specific instructions on what happens next. Parent confirmation occurs by sending an email of acceptance to [email protected]. A received payment means confirmation into the program. Parents must attend the Halftime Sports Parent Meeting, which explains the overall program objectives and expectations.

Q: When are the dates of the Travel Basketball season?
A: The Travel Basketball season runs from March 2023 through late July 2023.

Q: How many tournaments are there?
A: Halftime Sports registers for 7-9 tournaments throughout the Travel Basketball Regular season.