Mission and Purpose


Halftime Sports, formerly Eric Snow Sports, is one of the leading youth sports marketing companies in the country. Under the leadership and guidance of Kim Coleman, Halftime Sports has quickly become a reputable company, in regards to youth marketing, events, activities, partnerships and more.

Kim Coleman, has worked in the marketing/event business for over 27 years creating well orchestrated, partner driven events for City of Milton, Delta Airlines, Atlanta Hawks, Sports Authority, Spalding, Coca Cola, World Disney, Verizon, EA Sports, USSSA, and many others.


To provide our clients, both athletes/teams/coaches and corporation, with professional service unparalleled in the event marketing industry. To maintain our standards of quality and integrity by never letting anything stand in our way of our clients and customers satisfaction.


Halftime Sports provides event platforms, sales and marketing expertise for companies, along with tapping into the event side of sports with youth focused activities.

Halftime Sports is dedicated to building long-term relationships with teams, coaches, parents and players through exceptional management of properties represented and creating safe, family fun events for our teams and their families.

Halftime Sports utilizes its expertise to maximize the value of the company’s marketing assets within the framework of each individual department’s mission and philosophy.

Halftime Sports’ culture is built on a simple premise: Give people great brands on which to work, provide safe atmosphere for our parents, players, and coaches; give our partners great tools to work with, a mandate to keep our partner’s interests and initiatives first and foremost in everything we do, and do things Right!

Halftime Sports Brand Personality

Safe, Fresh, Energetic, Experienced, Trusted, Visionary, Partners